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This is a picture of our rescue horse
on day one.
This is the same horse after two months on Total Equine®. 
Notice the dramatic change in the croup and thigh from this... this picture taken just a month on Total Equine®. 
This is an orphaned colt that was fed Total Equine® and milk replacer. The colt was 15 weeks old in this picture.

This is the same colt at one year on
Total Equine®.

    This is another rescue horse that was fed
Total Equine®.
 This is a picture of the same horse two months after rescue.
This is a picture of Bacchus before starting
Total Equine®.
This is taken three months later. Note the dramatic change in his coat.

This horse had a severely damaged hoof.

This is the same hoof seven months later.

This is a picture of Poco Dialblo before starting on Total Bull™.

This is a picture of Poco Diablo taken
two months later™.